Secrets for Dating Sugar Momma

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dating sugar mommaThese days, cougars are not passive, yet they are famous because of television shows. They are always on the lookout for new prey. However, not all female cougars are the same as others who are looking for a young sexual playmate. Majority of them are actually looking for real relationships. If you want to date a cougar, always be careful. The reason behind it is that older women have a few amount of patience for the shenanigans of the youth, so stick to such 5 no-fail rules and you’ll be dating older women in the long run.

Below are the secrets for cougar dating or sugar momma dating:

Be Assertive

This isn’t the right time to be shy. Ask her out and be direct with confidence. Nothing’s sexier than men who know what they want.

Avoid Labels

Never make references as cougar. A lot of women still find these terms a bit offensive.

Never Mind the Age Gap

You are just stating the obvious and she is well aware that she is older than you.

Take Everything Slow

Sure sex is hotter compared to what you have had before. But, it is worth getting to know her outside the bedroom as well. Know her interests, likes, dislikes, and other things about herself. With this, she will want you as much as you like her.

Work for It

In cougar dating or sugar momma dating, you still need extra effort. You have to work for it and you should do this with patience and dedication if you really want to win her heart.

Other Tips to Consider

Dating cougars comes with a price. Even if it’s natural for a man to want to experience of being a father to a child, older women would typically reject the idea. The reason might simply be because her biological clock has gone.

Despite all the hardships that you may encounter in cougar dating, the thrill still lies there. Many times the reason why majority of men prefer dating older women is due to the fact that he believes that she’s worldlier because she knew herself emotionally and sexually. The man might find it easier for him and he wouldn’t need to figure out that much.

Some research also included that dating with cougars offers some form of financial freedom. While for the last years, men are considered as the sole breadwinner, now through dating with cougars who have a career, the man will no longer have to think about his finances. He may even pursue dreams without the need to pay bills at home.

All women need some type of security – physically, financially, and emotionally. The main reason why older women consider dating younger men is due to the fact that younger men are quite jaded in life and they are more energetic and wild, giving older women the chance to feel young like they were in twenties.

Despite the age gap, cougar dating can be a rewarding experience for some men, most especially for those who want to try something new.