Dos and Don'ts for Sugar Momma Dating

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date older womenPlanning to venture into the world of sugar momma dating anytime soon? Before you even put yourself under the radar of gorgeous sugar mommas, there are several things that you should and shouldn’t do to ensure a successful cougar dating experience.


  • Do try to fit into her interests. Matured women have a lot of interests that can reduce the significance of age gap. Your duty is to make her feel much younger. It means that you need to follow her interests as she is also making some effort to meet younger men like yourself easier.
  • Do give her the power in the relationship. When it comes to sugar momma dating, matured women will be pleased if a cub allows them to control the relationship. She should feel that you are hers and not anybody else. If she asks you to bring her to a country retreat, fulfill her wish to make her happy.
  • Do flirt with her. See to it that she feels attractive in every sense of the word. Take note that cougar dating is not really for marriage but only for sex and fun with lesser strings attached. Thus, touch her anytime you can, give her compliments about her flirty figure and looks.
  • Do have sex with her like she’s the only woman in this world. Like what was said earlier, cougars are in this for sex and fun. Be prepared to taking her away in bed. Make her crave for more of you and if you are lucky, she will be yours forever. If you will love to a mature lady in style and satisfy her, she will never want to let you go.


  • Don’t be insensitive. While she is older or probably divorced, it doesn’t mean that she is already desperate in engaging a man. Cougars are after younger men to enjoy their life as single women and not just to be treated like a leftover.
  • Don’t act childish. Sugar mommas are matured ladies who have been through so many things in life. There are those who even experienced divorce. Thus, they expect that you will act like a real man around them. These women are after maturity in their relationship.
  • Don’t insist on anything long term. Many cougars would want to enjoy the new chapter of their lives as single ladies. Prematurely insisting on long term relationship might only push her away. Instead, enjoy every moment with her no matter where it might be.
  • Don’t expect too much. It is specifically applicable for child-centered cougars. They will surely create time to spend some fun times with you but it doesn’t mean that they will ignore their responsibilities and focus only on keeping you satisfied. Sugar momma dating means that you have to be reasonable and enjoy things one at a time.

Cougar dating is fun and exciting and to guarantee that you will have the best experience, always keep these simple dos and don’ts in mind.