7 Reasons of Why Dating Older Women Is One of The Best Things

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older women datingIt’s all too common to hear some bad rap about older women. For some reason, people don’t understand cougars and their ways. But, there are so many reasons why older women dating is one of the best things that you can ever experience.


If there is a gap of 10 years between your age, that means an extra 10 years of exploring what she’s looking for in a relationship. She’s also had the chance to establish a life with awesome people around her and a job that gives her fulfillment. Yes, older women have rich experiences that make them even more interesting.


When a woman is older, you know that there’s a great chance that she’s wiser. Women who are older are likely to have their issues sorted out. They already know who they really are and what they want from a partner younger than them. although there are some exceptions to this rule, one of the things about getting older is that you become more comfortable about things when you know what you are doing. This applies to older women dating just like in everything else.


You might find an older woman who has money, which can be very fun, or she might already be used to living without money at all but still enjoy a great time, and this can be fun as well. You see, what you get is a win-win situation. Women who are older are usually further on their professions or they could have thrown it all away to do something cool, independent and interesting.


Older women have had extra decades to collect awesome people with political nous and cultural awareness and war stories as well as interesting creativity and hobbies. One of the best things about relationships is often finding new circle of friends you bond with and meet, and older women frequently have their social stuff down.

Cultural Awesomeness

That is ten years more time to accumulate quality films, books, art, and music, plus 10 years worth of extra salary to purchase things with. As a bookworm, there is nothing more exciting than heading home thinking that there would be someone that will allow you to discover more books. It’s proportionately much more like if the individual in question is a bit older.


She knows what she’s doing, you can have this whole sexy objectification or authority thing going on, and know what her kinks are.

Great Attitude

A lot of older women have dealt with their mistakes before and they are not shamed of their ways and very confident with what they do. They are also more relaxed and you can be assured that they can be better girlfriends as they are more able to engage and empathize and much less inclined with what the society thinks or says. Older women also thinks a lot of having fun and enjoy their lives without agonizing the things that they deal every day.