Why Older Women Cougars Looking For Young Men

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older woman cougarOlder women are usually strong, mentally independent and financially stable and many of them today are getting interested with dating younger men. But, don’t think that their age will turn you off because physically speaking, they are mostly still gorgeous looking as they try to stay fit and healthy while others even go through plastic surgery to restore their youth.

Despite everything they have in life, why do they look for and date younger men, then? Here are the top reasons why:

Take Things Easy

Based on studies, aside from the fact that younger men and older women are sexually more compatible as far as libido is concerned, younger men prefer casual sex and it so happened that older women like that as well.

It’s Science

When a woman grows older, fertility also declines and this is when her body will turn on its panicky survival mode. For a woman to have higher chance of reproducing, her sex drive will go supercharged. As her libido reaches sky high, the libidos of men in her age bracket opt to move toward the use of the little blue pills. The answer to her physical needs will then be the sexually active younger men.

More Excitement on the Table

Excitement is also among the biggest reasons why older men want to date younger men. Younger guys are more energetic with the drive to discover new things. There is no why that older men can physically compete with younger men’s vitality. Older men, on the other hand, are more set in their ways as they already discovered everything and settled in a routine existence which can be excruciatingly boring for older women.

They Want to Feel Good Again

The fact that older women are tied romantically to younger men is a big ego boost to them. They reminded that good looking men who could’ve their pick of younger women choose to be with them rather. Several also love the jealous looks of older men whenever they are out with younger men and others even thrive on the disapproving looks of people who frown upon the age gap.

Look Good

There is no doubt that younger men are more attractive and fit compared to older men. Older women take good care of themselves and are searching for a man who does the same. However, the nature is basically against older men and the carpet on your nose hair or back isn’t something they’d like to be seen with.

No Status Required

Times have already changed and gone are the days when women sat at home, making dinner and washing laundry for her successful partner. Unluckily, older men are not always on track with the changing times. Today, younger men aren’t intimidated easily by more successful and older partner. As a matter of fact, majority are being spoilt for a change. It is also a bigger compliment when impressive women is with you because she likes to be and not for the reason that she needs to be.