Best Place To Meet Cougars

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meet cougarIf you are wondering where you can meet cougars in your local area, here are the places where you can find a cougar:


Check them out at high-end stores. Know the different high end anchor store at the different malls around your area. Each of such stores is teaming with cougars that shop there. Be focused on the store’s areas where she can be such as handbag, jewelry, and shoe sections.

Spas and Health Food Sores

For most cougars, eating healthy matters a lot because they want to keep their glow and youthful appearance. Getting facials, eating healthy, having pedicures and manicures done are high on cougar’s list. Check out stores that offer healthy foods and those that provide spa services.


For many cougars, the costlier the membership, the better. The reason behind it is that they want only the best for them. They spend a lot of time in gyms because they value their appearance and they have to stay in shape if they are going to pick up the younger men. They also have their own personal trainer to help them achieve their fitness goals. They will also be working out during daytime or odd hours because majority of cougars have their own business and make up their hours at work.

Art Gallery and Museums

The best time to visit this place is during day time. As mentioned above, cougars probably run their own business and set their own hours. This enables them to do things they want during daytime. They also developed a lifestyle that enables them to do what they like and whenever they want to do it.


If you are always running or jogging, you might encounter some cougars roaming around too. Cougars often train for a marathon or try to reach their personal fitness goals. The best time to jog or run is during early mornings.

There are other places where you can meet cougars. However, if there’s one thing to bear in mind during your hunt is it’s the fact that cougars already developed a lifestyle, which affords them to do what they like, when they like to do it. You also need to get into cougar’s environment to catch and meet her.

Cougar women are very confident, usually they will introduce themself first and approach the young men. However, there are still plenty of ways for young men and cubs to reach out to the cougars. Finding cougars in your local are is easy if you already know where to begin. If you have considered all those things above, yet you still get no results, you can just check out free cougar dating sites.

There are numerous cougar dating sites that are free of charge and can be accessed by anyone who wants to meet and date cougars in the future. Just choose the most reliable cougar dating site as this can make a difference.