What's The Difference Between Sugar Momma And Cougar?

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Generally speaking, a sugar momma isn’t the same as cougar. For people who are not familiar with cougar, it’s a female typically between 30 and 50 years old who enjoys sexual company of younger men. Over the last several years, cougars were thrust into the limelight thanks to the skits. Sugar momma, on the other hand, is a rich old woman who offers gifts or money to younger men in return for sexual favors or companionship.

However, once you look at the two, the main difference between a sugar momma and cougar is a gifting aspect. While sugar mommas are looking for companionship in exchange for gifts or money including cars, clothes and many more, cougars are merely in it for sex without any gifts or financial things involved. As a matter of fact, the huge different between the two is a cougar isn’t looking for companions, yet instead just short term sexual affairs in comparison to sugar mommas who are seeking for a companion either out or in the bedroom.

If you want to try cougar dating or sugar momma dating, you should know how to differ a sugar momma and cougar as well as to spot one out there. These following tips will definitely of great help:

Abandon Cougar Stereotype

As a matter fact, forget them altogether. If you’re interested in cougar dating or sugar momma dating, you will need to treat her like a human, not sexist stereotype of how an active woman behaves and looks.

Determine the Age of the Woman

The accepted age group for cougars is generally 40 and above. But, several people go as low as thirty-five in their definition. With the new procedures and creams available, a lot of men and women look much younger than they are. Several things you can look for that apply to both sexes are sparse eyebrows and eyelashes, and thinning hair.

Assess Her Makeup

Evolutionary psychology show that when assessing desirability of women, physical attractiveness is an important factor compared to evaluating the desirability of men. It means that while lesser attractive men could still be desirable based on their humor, intelligence, income, and many more, women are still judged on how they look. Due to this, it makes sense that with age, women could amp up their makeup routine to hide the signs of aging that’ll make them less desirable.

You will notice that older women wear more foundation as well as structuring creams and shades that help them have a face that’s smooth. Cougar or sugar momma also wears lip liner to make their lips look fuller, blush to make her cheeks look more rosy and youthful, and a brow pencil to fill in eyebrows. For older women, contouring is a famous technique at present.

Pay Attention to Self-Confidence

Generally, older women are more confident compared to younger ones. Other signs of confident women are good posture, eye contact, and relaxed.